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Video Youbook™ / Corporate Branding

Impactful, Memorable Video Brochures!

Video YouBook Corporate Branding

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Video Youbook™ / Healthcare Video Brocures

Impactful, Educational Video Brochures!


An invaluable tool for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, a Video Brochure educates and facilitates patient compliance and adherence.

Video Youbook™ / Calendars

12 Months of Dynamic Video Brochure Marketing!


Continuous video brochure branding all year long!

Video Youbook™ / Event Planning Video Brochures

Physical – Tangible – Memorable!

Remember that special day, occasion or event with the most unique video brochure keepsake ever!
Video Youbook™ / Specialty & Retail Packaging
Adding a video adds a cool new dimension to any product package!
Video Youbook™ / Yearbook Edition Video Brochures

Memories in Motion!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a Video Brochure is Priceless! Capture high school memories like never before with pre-loaded videos. Raise school funds through the sale of print and video ads.