Impacftful, Educational Marketing

New Solutions Needed:

in 2008, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of American (PhRMA), the primary trade organization of pharmaceutical companies, substantially revised its governing code. Among other changes, PhRMA banned the use of promotional products intended for healthcare professionals, with the exception of items purely educational in purpose. Soon thereafter, the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), adopted similar measures which also banned promotional items, and put special emphasis on educational marketing solutions. As a result of these changes in how companies could reach out to health and medical professionals, new options that focused on educational material were needed.

Our innovative solution to this communications challenge is the Video YouBook™ Healthcare Collection..

Innovative Application of Content and Microtechnology:

Today, Video YouBook™ Healthcare offers the broadest range of affordable, video infused print media deliverable, from Video Tablets, Video Brochures, Video Postcards to Video Patient Starter Kits and more, all designed for one sole purpose: To provide effective and distinctive health and medical information via an easy to use and attention-getting platform.

As the healthcare industry now adjusts to rapid changes in how care is provided, treatments available, technological enhancements and how care is paid for, there are ever-expanding needs to educate medical professionals, patients and care-givers.

If you need to reach any of these groups to promote services, introduce new staff, enhance patient or staff compliance or explain new policies or procedures, Video YouBook™ products oer a unique approach with audio/video and print messaging all wrapped up into one solution.

Healthcare is a complex and critical industry with no end to the educational messages to be shared between clinicians and drug or medical device manufacturers.Video YouBook™ products oer a dynamic way to educate across all of these channels and a great way to diffdifferentiate your message from the thousands of compelling messages we all receive each day.

To learn more about how you can educate your physicians, patients or other healthcare stakeholders with a product that stands out from all others, call one of your Video YouBook™ Healthcare representatives. Contact your preferred print or promotional product distributor today.

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