Why Video?

Since the 1950’s, advertising with video has been a mainstream mass media marketing choice for companies and brands across the globe.

Through television, the internet, and now through our amazing Video YouBook™, video sells! In fact, video is perhaps the most impactful and memorable form of advertsing today.

Whether your are introducing a new product, marketing an existing brand, promoting an event, educating your audience, or capturing memories of a lifetime, there is nothing more powerful than Video!

Through our innovation and technology, you can embed marketing messages and/or memories with Video YouBook™ like never before.

Physical ~ Tangible ~ Memorable ~ Impactful! That’s Video YouBook™!

As you scroll through the pages of our website, please know that we are particularly strong with listening to your ideas and concepts for video infused in print, and turning them into reality.

We look forward to hearing from you.